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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Christmas Party?

Headed to the noon potluck Christmas Party for the Sterling Eureka and Laketown Historical Society at the Wolf Creek Church today (Jan 16, 2014).  I went to school at what is now the Methodist Church.  

You can read about the school at this link: 
Wolf Creek School

The first Wolf Creek School was held in a building near Wolf Creek.  Then they moved to a school building a mile up the River Road along Wolf Creek.  Then in 1888, they built the front of this one right next to the cemetery.  By 1900 they had added on the back part to make it a 2-room school.  This burned in 1922 and the current building was built.   So, in reality, the photo above is the 3rd and 4th version of the Wolf Creek School.  The 5th version was the old Wolf Creek Church, used while the new building was constructed.
Edith Hedman Armstrong (Mrs Frank Armstrong) was still single and the teacher at that time.  The steps of the pictured school are still in the church yard, midway between the building and the cemetery, sort of buried in trees and sand.  The steps in the photo had been replaced by concrete ones that were shaped somewhat like a spread out horseshoe.  We used the area as our garbage burning spot in the 50s as school kids.