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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

St Croix Logging History in Print

Helen McCann White interviewed several local folks back in 1955 the history of the St Croix River logging for the US Forest Service. They were tape recorded.

Two tapes have been transcribed and make interesting reading!

Eureka logger Wirt and

Hope Garlick

Rosemarie Vezina Braatz wrote the history of Nevers Dam
Nevers Dam

Spent a few hours at the Museum in Cushing planning on doing some cleaning to get ready for the open house this Saturday at the River Road Ramble.  However, a visitor doing research on the Spangler family (of Spangler's landing on the St Croix River) got me to visiting.  Luckily Margo was along and ran the vacuum cleaner!   She is on the noon-3pm shift Saturday to host the museum with her friend, Marlys.  Open 9-5. 

Another historical stop is the Eureka Townhall a few miles south of Cushing.  The Wolf Creek School (now the Methodist Church) is also open with food and a jumble sale.   

In St Croix Falls, the St Croix Scenic River hdqrts is a nice place to stop to learn about the St Croix River history.  They have a nice online book 
Saint Croix -- Historic River