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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dan Beal -- A Full Life

Dan Beal, on the left, holds an award given him by the Polk Men's group--a group he founded when he retired to Polk County.  His friend, Dick Ugland made the award.  The group continues to meet after nearly 20 years.  

A friend of mine passed away this morning.  Daniel Beal, of Ward Lake, Luck Wisconsin.  

I first met Dan when I began attending the Indianhead Gem and Mineral Society shortly after I retired and came back to Wisconsin for the summers.   Dan and the club welcomed me with my interest in Lake Superior agates.  Dan was president and had been for many years.  

As Margo and I got to know Dan and Evie, we became friends.  Dan was active in many of the same things we volunteered for--the Luck Historical Society and Museum and had founded the local Polk Men's group that he invited me to join.  

Dan was outspoken, humorous, very active and into all sorts of volunteer efforts to improve the local area and the lives of people living in it.   He and Evie had Kinship kids; he was active in local government planning; he often spoke in local schools giving demonstrations involving his hobby as a rock hound and carver.  

Dan was many things in his life including a Marine, an perpetual student, a teacher, a school principal and administrator, a father and husband--doing all of his roles with excellence. 

Margo and I will miss Dan very much.  He was ready to move on, but his friends were not ready to let go of him--so it will be hard for us.  

Dan Beal at the rock club