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Monday, August 19, 2013

It will be a quiet week in NW Wisconsin

Time to start cutting wood for the winter?

After a few months of being very active, we hope to relax and catch up on some of the chores here at the cabin in the next few weeks.  With the big events of the summer mostly done, the gardens mostly under control but needing rain, we normally would hitch up the camper and head West for a few weeks to visit our cousins in Seattle.  

However, since both of us are coming out of a year of being under-the-weather, we have decided to just stay home and take it easy the rest of August.  Margo thinks we should do some cabin updating--work on the north porch (which has become an unfinished storage area for lumber, maple syruping supplies and other unfinished projects).  With 90 degrees in the forecast, that might be an early morning effort only. 

We need to catch up on visiting some of our friends too as well as put in some time at the Luck and Cushing Museums.   My own personal history project is to do some research and interviews to get a newsletter together on the 50th anniversary of the Cushing Rural Fire Department.  

Of course, the Farmall Super C has a flat tire; the 1947 Cletrac Crawler still has the gas tank off; the Farmall 350 has a clogged carburetor; Mom's sink drain needs adjusting to run better; some of the apples are ripe and should be picked, cut and frozen for winter apple pies; the winter firewood needs to be gathered, the remodel of the Maple Sap shed layout needs attention; our well ( a sand point driven 10 feet into the ground) needs to be pulled up and the screens cleaned so we can get more than 3 gallons of water at a time; and, of course, the Pine Island house still needs painting and I should clean and organize the garage and finally toss all of those projects that are really never going to get done....

So, with nothing much to do for a few weeks we hope to rest up. 

Margo was in cancer treatment when her mother passed away in April and our trip to West Bend WI was the first time she was able to see her mother's grave.  

The cemetery in Newburg WI is a German Lutheran Church cemetery where the orderly Germans line up the gravestones very neatly.  When you buy a lot, you get the next one in line whether you like your neighbor or not.  The rows are very straight and almost everyone in the cemetery are related to the same bunch of Germans who came to the area in the early 1850s.  Margo's great great grandfather was one of the founders of St John's Lutheran Church of the Wisconsin Synod--the Pious Lutherans that haven't accepted women ministers and has closed communion (members only).  You can read a little about it at Wisconsin Synod vs Missouri Synod Lutherans