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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Margo to finish cancer treatment Monday!

Monday, June 10, Margo will finish her last of 25 radiation treatments that followed surgery and chemo for breast cancer that had spread to the lymph nodes. 

On the way out of the treatment center, she will ring the bell announcing to everyone in the waiting room that she is all done!

Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN has been very good to her and she has made dozens of friends in the medical staff there and with other patients.  

After the last treatment, the following Monday, she has her blood access port removed from under the skin and then begins the resting period to get back her strength and stamina.  

Yesterday, she was in her greenhouse re-potting some house plants and in general thinking about getting back to her hobby of growing plants each spring, and getting some flower beds in shape and so on.  

Scott, between jobs at the ski hill last winter and a local bee keeper this summer has been available to take her to the radiation treatments and let me loaf up at the cabin in WI.   They are coming up to spend father's day with me this coming weekend, after entertaining her father who is visiting a few days this week.  

She may soon have to start getting the curlers out as her hair is an inch long now and soon the days of not having to bother with it will be over. 

I think we may see her in WI in time for the Polk County fair--which you only have until Tuesday to get your entries in.  We both have entries this year and plan on helping with the old school house on the fair grounds as usual.  Last year when we were there, she knew she had cancer and was worrying about starting treatment in August.  

Always style conscious, Russ and Margo in their Sunday-go-to-meeting duds