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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Margo passes half-way mark on chemo!

Tamarck color at the big spring

Margo had her 9th chemotherapy treatment today.  She is doing well overall, and did find out some good news today.  There are 3 more of the current chemo sessions, and that will be followed by only 4 treatments in round 2—so there are only 7 more sessions!   We had originally been told that there were 12 round one and the same for round 2—however today Margo found out round 2 is much shorter and these treatments are every 2 weeks instead of every week.  Her last chemo is the day after Christmas with surgery likely in January and radiation probably in February.  She has to be ready to carry those heavy 5 gallon maple sap pails by March.

Margo is shedding her hair somewhat, so is getting it cut a little shorter this week.  I went to the Mayo Cancer store and picked out a Marilyn Monroe wig for her – provided free from funds raised in the cancer fund raisers!   She isn’t sure if she will use it, and so far hasn’t needed it.  Although I rather think having a blonde as a wife might be an interesting change, I worry a little that it might lower her IQ. 

She continues to have some adventures that are not directly related to the cancer.  She is still wearing an elastic glove that goes past the elbow to squeeze some fluid out of her arm—accidentally got injected into the arm instead of the blood vessel when she had a scan.  The hand and arm are mostly back to normal, but she still has to wear it for a while longer.

The chemo raises her blood pressure and lowers her sodium and potassium so she has been taking a blood pressure medicine. The doctors decided to try a different one, but that made her quite sick and retained fluid—so that messed up several days before she went back on the old medicine. Right now she plans to be up to the cabin for the weekend.  Last week her father came to visit from West Bend, WI.  He is 88 and doing pretty good.  He drove up and back. 

Huge maple has a Halloween look 
I have been withdrawing prednisone to a lower level trying to balance the myasthenia gravis symptoms with those from prednisone.  I think I am probably too low right now, as I am back to breathing hard just walking around.  The doctor says I have to work on the right amount and will be doing it the rest of my life.  I am much better than I was in June and July, but not as good as I was in September, so more adjusting ahead.  Mostly I am fine—just not much stamina to do anything vigorous.  That is OK as I really don’t have to do anything vigorous if I don’t want to. 

Hepatica leaves are prepared for early spring blooming
I didn’t do very well at the family 22 rifle target shoot on Saturday.  I had a shot in the center and then a series that kept going up the target until the last one was out from the center.  I figured it must be something to do with the barrel being held to the stock with a rubber band that is getting weak, but maybe my excuse is Myasthenia Gravis!   Anyway, I think it is time to do a little work on the 53 year old Western Field single shot 22 I bought from Wards at age 12.  Maybe spend another $14 on it (that is what it cost). 

The maidenhair fern is gradually freezing brown
As I was not up to cutting wood today, I took a long stroll around the woods by the cabin and took some photos that remind me fall colors are going fast.