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Monday, October 15, 2012

Hanson family 22 rifle competition

Since the 1980s our family has had an annual 22 rifle competition--5 shots at a target.  It was started by my youngest brother, Byron, who thought it was a good way to getting his children and his brother's children to learn about guns, safety, shooting and to have a good time.
  This year about 35 folks competed including some kids who are getting their first lesson in how to use a rifle.  Byron, who died in a motorcycle accident after he hit a deer in 2002, would have been proud of what the event has become.
   Brother Marvin, makes trophies for all of the under 16 year olds, making them more elaborate each year!  We end the day with a hay ride that has gotten so big that we need to hay wagons now and then a campfire, hot dogs and smores and this year adjourned in the evening to watch the Packers win spectacularly!