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Saturday, June 16, 2012

St Mary's Day 2

Well, I'm still here in the hospital!  Feeling fine, but experimentation is the order of the day!

I get to stay in the hospital another day.  Although I am feeling fine, they want to crank up the dosage of the medicine and see if things get better or worse while they can watch me squirm and hope my double vision goes away too.  The side effects of the pyridostigmine are the jitters and more bathroom visits, so we will see what happens! 

They also said the last x-ray showed some indications there might be a thymus enlargement, so another cat scan for that is in the works (or it could be just some fat showing up!)  Medicare is getting a workout for sure!
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So, Father's day will be here at least part of the day.  Scott was down for part of the day--headed back to help the neighbor Nancy with a tree down in her yard from the storm earlier in the week.  Margo says that her brother Larry is checking out the starter on the Olds down in Westbend.  I told her just get it started and drive home leaving it running at the rest stops or food stops.  It does start when it is cold.  I spent the morning looking into rebuilding starters.  In the old days we always put in new bearings, brushes, and cleaned it out and it cost about $15 for the whole repair job.  

You can hear the starter type sound  for Margo's car at   although it normally started after the first sluggish crank, it stopped cranking altogether until it cooled down when she stopped on the way down there.  

Have started a competition here at the neuro unit at St Mary's to name the roving group of doctors going up and down the halls where there is a consultant (alpha male or female), first second and third year residents all tagging along to learn--group of about 5.  I first thought of "school" like fishes because it is a learning group too, but have considered  "a practice, a consult, quack, gaggle (in honor of Rochester's goose flock), order (like nuns), and the neurology favorite, a ganglion."

  The alpha male of the herd who visited me liked the wolf pack idea with the classifications in the wolf pack with hierarchy.  He recommended I watch a movie called "The Gray Wolf" while waiting for the pack's return tomorrow to see if doubling my dose will fix me one way or the other!

I have my laptop and am getting ready to begin a new book -- "Bringing computers to Mayo"  a tell-all of my 25 years of meeting folks at Mayo.