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Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Retirement Speech at Mayo in 2006 after 25 years

Sitting here at St Marys Hospital, part of the Mayo Clinic, just few hundred feet
away from my first Mayo office, it got me to thinking about my work here.
I celebrated 25 years and retirement at the same time in 2006 at Mayo.  When
asked who I wanted to speak at the occasion, I, of course, said I would be the
best person likely to capture my 25 years.  So I gave this presentation to an
overflow crowd at Mayo, who knew whatever I presented would be
interesting, controversial or funny.  It went over well.
Sadly, the sound effects aren't working in this version of the presentation.

Charlie and Will Mayo on the edges of this early Mayo Photo
with someone who looks familiar

Of course, each of these firsts were in the technical areas and, as in the first one, were
intended to be both real and funny. 

If you do the google search, you will get a huge number of hits on 100 plus research papers
I co-authored
Russ's Research at Mayo Clinic