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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Warmest March in my memory

We have about half of our maple syrup taps out as of yesterday. The sap is running just a little--has been too warm. The snow is all gone. The lake looks like it will be open within two days. The earliest it has opened before in my memory is the last day of March. Normal is about April 15-20th.
The St Croix River is open far below Nevers Dam area. The channel is choked with ice several miles above the power dam in St. Croix Falls--broken ice at the Lion's club part with solid ice the last 1/2 mile to the dam. With two 60 degree day's coming, I would guess the river will clear by Friday and the lake will open.
It has been beautiful weather having April in March--but not good maple weather yet. Forecast is to cool back down to 40s and 20s next week so that should get the sap running.
Mom saw her first 3 robins today.
I am getting around on my leg, broken 4 months ago, OK. Not smoothly, but OK.