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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 14: Margo's Anniversary and a Cajun Singer

Ron Keddy sings a Cajun song

March 4: Day 14 Margo's 38th Anniversary
To celebrate 38 years of being married, we went into town and had a Cajun special lunch at Cafe La Salle. It included shrimp gumbo and rice as the appetizer, crawfish, oysters, little shrimp, big shrimp, catfish, shrimp etouffe, rice, fries, onion rings and garlic bread. After the appetizer, we were both pretty full, but as it was our anniversary and the restaurant owner wanted us to have the best; we ate our way through everything! It was delicious. We managed to crawl out to our car and go back to the camper and take a nap.
Our new campers across the lane came in last night. Ron and Ceil Keddy from about 40 miles away. He is a Cajun--didn't speak English until he learned it in school. He invited us over in the later afternoon to sing a anniversary Cajun song. He sang a few more too. The video above is one that most of you have heard before.
Very sunny nice day. We are headed out tomorrow for a park along the northern border of LA for another week before heading home. Brother Everett tapped a couple of maples and said they dripped a little. Son Scott says the snow is melting in Pine Island!
Nice day here! Still full. The Cajuns are really nice people!