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Monday, February 15, 2010

The Indian Priest Father Philip B. Grodon 1885-1948 has been digitized and put online in the newsletters of

Canku Ota (Many Paths) An Online Newsletter Celebrating Native America At

The links below are to the chapters that appeared in successive newsletters.

The Indian Priest
Father Philip B. Gordon
1885-1948 by Paula Delfield


1: The Indian Priest Reminisces

Chapter 2: Ancestry

Chapter 3: Indian Childhood

Chapter 4: Life on the Reservation

Chapter 5:
Murder and ‘Buried Gold’

Chapter 6: Happy Reunion

Chapter 7: Indian Problems

Chapter 8: College Days

Chapter 9: Indian Allotments

Chapter 10: Ordination and More Problems

Chapter11: Mission at Reserve

Chapter 12: The Budding of an Orator

Chapter13: Father G and the KKK

Chapter 14: Indian Priest and the Irish

Chapter 15: More Indian Problems

Chapter 16: Problems on the Farm

Chapter17: More KKK and Other

Chapter 18: An Unforgettable Journey

Chapter 19: World War II

Chapter 20: Last Days of a Great Man