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Friday, January 22, 2010

Local History Books on Internet

I recently put four out of print books of information on local Polk/Burnett Co Wisconsin history on the internet so anyone in the world with internet access can read them and look at the pictures. You can find them by going to and searching by title in quotation marks “Stories of the St. Croix River Road or “Stories of the Trade River Valley” or “Doc Squirt” or “Wolf Creek School History Wisconsin or "Doc Squirt: The Life and Times of Roy Jack Hennings" and see the whole book for free! You can search for any word in the book and find all of the pages it is located.

Links directly to books:

Stories of the Trade River Valley

Wolf Creek School History Wisconsin

Stories of the St. Croix River Road

Doc Squirt: Roy Jack Hennings Cushing WI Character

Search the four books above for names, locations or words

Search the full text of our books