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Monday, August 17, 2009

In Seattle!

Hwy 2 came to end with a whimper turning into Hwy 5 north or south. After all the traveling, it seemed that there should have been a sign telling us that we had come to the western most edge of Hwy 2 in Everett Washington.

It is mild here. The black berries are just getting ripe and absolutely loaded and wonderful to eat. Plums, pears, cherries and other fruits are in season.

I went to the U of Washington to do some history research on the columns that Cushing native Roy Hennings (Doc Squirt) wrote in the Duwamish Valley News (found he wrote them every week 1940,41) and copied a bunch.

Margo and Cousin Sally went to Pikes fish market and saw all the pretty flowers, fruits and fish.