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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 6

It was raining yesterday in Glacier Park. It was "open house" weekend--free entry instead of $25. However the park was very busy, raining, cold and full so we drove through and then went to Troy to stay in a motel. Today we drove across Washington on Hwy 2 through acres and acres of winter wheat -- some harvested and some to go yet.

The east edge of the mountains are filled with orchards. Apples, pears, peaches etc. They are getting ready to pick some of them now. Sunday we plan to be in Seattle and visit Cousin Sally for a few days. Everything is going fine with the car.

We stopped at an abandoned old grain elevator and examined it. I always wondered how they were built so they could hold grain in such tall structures. I looked at this one very carefully. Inside the tall building were six individual bins going to the top. Each was built of 2x6s stacked on their sides all the way up and nailed together. This makes a very strong set of bins. Three were on each side with a drive through between them with a dump chute under the drive through.
I will put the pictures on when I get a chance.