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Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day 2017 Wolf Creek, WI

One hundred seventy five folks braved the cool shower threatening weather to attend Memorial Day at the Wolf Creek Cemetery.  

118 Veterans on the board

The children helped with the program, leading the pledge of allegiance and patriotic readings 

The speaker was a lay minister from Cushing

Patriotic Reading

Steve W lays the wreath in front of WW I veteran, Ralph Doolittle

118 names read this year including my cousin Carlos Bergeron, newest veteran in the cemetery. 

The local history society booklet with information
on the 13 WW1 veterans in the cemetery, 100 years after the US entered WW1 (April 1917)

The umbrellas came out, but really weren't needed

Lining up for lunch at the Methodist Church

The serving line

The Methodist Church women who are serving lunch in the former Wolf Creek School -- now the Wolf Creek Methodist Church.  I think it became the church in 1957, and if so, that means the 60th year of lunch in this building!  I went to school there until it closed in 1957, and always brag that we left the school in such wonderful shape that it was obvious to make it into a church.  Other's have said that the students there were such heathens, that it needed a church to compensate.