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Friday, January 20, 2017

2017 Trip South Planning

  After 5 long years in the labor camps of the US Siberian woodlands,  Margo and I are planning to spend a few weeks in the Southern States beginning next week.   
  For many years from the 1990s through 2011, we spent a week at first each winter, then after retirement in 2005, up to 6 weeks somewhere along the southern tier of states.  Far enough down to be in the 60s during the day and 40s at night, but not down there where the folks from the north get so thick they are a burden with their Fargoesque brogues. 
   In 2012 I had knee problems and a new knee put in.  In 2013, Margo was fighting cancer and me Myasthenia gravis. Then a couple of back surgeries with Margo left her quite weak and wobbly, so we hunkered down and stayed in the North, spending some time in our Pine Island MN house (130 miles south of the Farm in Wisconsin)--but not really any warmer. 
   Now, with Margo doing better, we decided to try it again.  Part of the difficulty is we haven't given up the sort of roughing it camping style, at least we haven't given it up mentally.    
  We like quiet state parks (most of them are if they aren't right on the ocean during winter), and using our pop-up canvas walled camper.  That means going far enough to be comfortable in it. 
   The beds are not like home, the steps up and down getting in and out need care, the bathrooms aren't even down the hall, but down the row of campsites.  I am eager to try it and see how well we cope.  If it doesn't work out, we will trade the Olds and old camper in for something with more amenities and something that will pull it.  
   Anyway right now we are planning on being on the road Monday, starting from Pine Island, MN with the goal of reaching Branson, MO the first day -- about 550 miles.  Branson, the big music tourism showplace is in off season, with lots of motels and competitive rates.  The next day we should be far enough south to set up the camper overnight.  
   The car is almost ready. Tried taking the camper for a drive to Cushing and back, but the trailer lights plug and the car one wouldn't quite fit--so had to get a new one to put on the camper. 

 Warning--- A discussion of sec and mating  follows:   The two plugs that won't mate.  The top one is outside a female, three inside male plugs and a female on the right. It is on the trailer.  The one in the trunk is supposed to slip gently into this one.  Even K-Y jelly didn't help.  

The plug below is overall a male on the top with 3 female sockets and a male plug.  The second part of it is 4 female sockets.   I think this must be what is called transgender -- or maybe mixed gender.   

The parts woman at autoparts are us made me blush furiously as she tried to explain the variation in sizes of male and female parts, and finally we decided I would just to an organ transplant on the trailer end so the mating would be accomplished for the trip.  

The 1991 Olds attached to the early 1990 Jayco tent camper. Jayco