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Friday, February 5, 2016

The Winter of Our Discontent

By February, winter has dragged on and there is not much thrill going out and plowing snow again, slipping to a near fall on the sidewalk or scraping the car off again.  My escape is to take a walk or now that we have a little more snow, a cross country ski tour, and bring along the camera and see if I can find anything new.   
Three winters now because of my health or Margo's health we have stuck out winter in the north.  Before that we tried to spend some time in the south to break things up.  It is hard to stay here when I know that if we get in the car and drive hard all day, we will be in a place where the snow is gone, the lakes are open and the temperatures hit the 50s, and in two days the 70s.  
   Just have to get through Feburary and then March kicks off maple sap season and things get busy and life gets more interesting.  I have been grinding away at trying to clean more buildings, fix more buildings, clean out more junk and my heart is no longer in it until spring cleaning time comes and rejuvenates me again.  Too darn many buildings, rooms, roofs, and way too much stuff, that were all necessary on a working farm but mostly stuff that is just in the way now.  I have a hard time tossing things too, should I get rid of the grain auger and elevator, or keep them; should I get rid of a few tractors or not?   
  Winter we throw away too much that we surely will need in spring, summer and fall, so big decisions need to be delayed!