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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cousin Arne 1932-2015

Some photos of my cousin Arne Karlsson who lived in Skee Sweden on the farm my great grandfather left to come to America. 
He passed away last week at age 82.  

Lillian and Arne in 2003 when they visited the Hansons in MN and WI

At the grave of Olaus Hansson our common great grandfather in SW Minnesota (Syllerud Lutheran Church)  

Raymon Hansson, his mother Mary Hansson, Arne Karlsson and Lillian in MN at Gammelgard the Swedish museum near the Twin Cities

Our MN neighbor likes to use old machinery.  He let Arne drive the old Farmall pulling the corn binder.  Arne never grew corn as a field crop in Skee, Sweden, as the climate there was too cool with the ocean nearby (it is 10 kilometers inland from Stromstad). 

My co-worker's son, Tyler, shows off his Belgians to Arne and Lillian in MN.  Arne loved his horses and collected carriages, buggies and carts.  He was a farrier in his early days, hauling his equipment around on the back of a motorcycle!

You can read the farm history collected by Arne for a book on the valley the Swedish family (Olaus Hansson) lived.
Ranna Farm History