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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Old School Photo Research

Janice Nelson of Luck found this old photo in her mother's items.  She thinks it may be from Burnett or Washburn counties in NW Wisconsin.

I show you the full photo and then zoom in on some of the parts.  I did this on my Facebook account and got some details from others that I include here.   

Back Cabinet:  bell, Coleman lantern, jug of ?, alarm clock?, kerosene lantern.  Brother Everett says That style of Coleman Quick-Lite Lamp was released in 1917. 

The "Bob" or "Dutch Boy" haircut for girls was popular in the 1920s

Woodrow Wilson (?) was president 1913-1921 

The 48 star flag came out in 1912

pencils with erasers were common from the mid 1800s and on. 

Lithographed metal lunch box -- teens and 20s 

Lard pail lunch tins.  Bare feet indicate pre-1940s 
Every school had Washington on the wall. 
 My guess is that this photo is between 1920-1930