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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Another Autumn Arrives

The Haralson is loaded this year, one of the few trees to hang on to its apples through the big storm

We soon say goodbye to the vivid greens of the past 5 months

Leaves on a lawn of diversity

Red squirrel -- got into the bathroom through the vent and raced around until I captured him by clapping the laundry basket over him in the bath tub.  I released him outside and screened the hole. 

Dewy Redtop grass on Hwy N headed to Luck from Cushing. 

The white tubes are around 25 Siberian Crab seedlings planted to give a pretty spring bloom.  If the deer let them alone this winter and they grow another year, I will graft normal apple scions on to half of them for a new orchard start.   Behind the trees is Bass Lake, just below the hill.  It drains to the west into the swamp and down through our 40 acres on to Wolf Creek and then the St Croix River.