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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Morale lowering hunt

Trying to find morel mushrooms yesterday was a bust--must be too early yet.  However, when I went to bed, I found two of the deer ticks (the tiny lymes type) stuck into me.  One in the arm and one in the belly.  

They are hard to remove--so small and the arm one has a scab this morning and is red.  I am waiting to see the bullseye or it to disappear.   Many years ago I had the lymes disease vaccine-- before they discontinued it for humans.  I am hopeful that it gives me some protection. 

The rackety rainstorm this evening surely will sprout the morels this week.  

My Cub cadet, rolled back on its feet and left to settle for a day started right up and ran as if it hadn't tried to crush my foot Friday.  I headed to the laundromat at Cushing to wash all the maple syrup filters and towels and so on to get that out of the way and picked up two cans of $4.19 gas to fill the Cub and Ford.  

Disked the sand garden and the cabin gardens to get them ready for planting.  I have been stalling as I try to figure out what row spacing I want.  Had planned to buy a used cultivator for the Ford -- 2-row three point one but didn't find one so probably will use the Cub with its scratchy rear cultivator.  Takes about 3 passes to get one quack plant uprooted. 

I spend Monday afternoons at the Luck Museum helping folks with genealogy.  This time, I may be helping set up the shelving for the new addition for family history research funded by the Ravenholt Family, Luck old timers.  The addition is complete, just the furnishing left to setup and then to occupy it.  It is a mixture of storage room and working room--which we share with the Luck library.  

Margo plans to come to the cabin next weekend for a visit--she is 2 weeks out of 5 completed of her radiation for breast cancer.  It is going well and she has a 3-day weekend coming.  

We plan to make the rounds of the cemeteries on Sunday and plant a geranium in each of our pots where relatives are buried.  Many are in the Barron WI area -- great grandparents.  It is a nice trip.