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Sunday, March 3, 2013

River Road

Deer crossing the St Croix just south of Spangler's Bay (north of St Croix Falls)

Open water south of Nevers Dam.  Six trumpeter swans flew up from here.

The cabin had a break in last week.  Some small items were taken, but not much of value is left there, so not much to take. 
Was at the cabin Wed-Saturday this week.  Winter is still in full force, but the longer days give a promise of spring to come.   Thursday night hosted a maple syrup meeting at the Luck museum.   Fun to talk with other syrup producers all eager to get started this year and hopeful for a much better season than last.
   Friday went to classic movie night at the Luck Museum and watched "Fly Away Home."    The first Friday night of each winter month is classic movie night -- free popcorn and free movie. 
   Today, back in MN, we drove to Wabasha on the Mississippi to watch the bald eagles and visit the eagle center where many special events were happening with lots of folks and a few eagles.  
   Medical visits this week for Margo.  Thursday is the meeting of the local history societies at Luck and Friday the writer's group at Grantsburg.  Be both places this week. 
    Margo is feeling much better as she recovers from chemo. She has surgery March 11th at Mayo.  
    Monday the 4th is our 41st anniversary!   Doesn't seem like much over 38 years.