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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Making Maple Syrup


by James A Ross  100 years ago -- Canada  Ross' book of rural poetry link
Brother Byron making syrup in the 1950s on the Hanson Farm

Makin' maple sugar! Oh, say, it gives me joy, 
To think of makin' sugar when I was but a boy: 

The crow is cawin' loud again, the sun is gettin' hot, 
Now git the fire a-roarin' beneath the old iron pot, 

The sap'll be a-runnin' from the tree like all git out, 
So git a hustle on you and mind what you're about. 

Makin' maple sugar! but ain't it fun, you know, 
To git old Buck and Bright a'wadin' through the snow, 

From tree to tree a-wallerin' to gather up the sap, 
To pour in that big bucket so queerly made by pap, 

That seems to sit there on the sleigh, a-waitin' for the sweet— 
Now git around there lively, John, Henry and Pete.

Makin' maple sugar! away back in the wood, 
To think of it to-day, my boys, it does my old heart good;

How we'd git the sap a-simmerin' and bilin' o'er the heat,
And when 'twas bilin' over we'd apply a little meat, 

Fat and greasy don't you know, to make 'er go just right,
For we meant to have it sugar afore the fall of night. 

Makin' maple sugar! of all the lastin' joys, 
A-sugarin' off was jist the one that always caught the boys;

Sometimes we'd hook a little in an old tin cup we had— 
We were great for havin' fun you know, but yet we weren't bad— 

Then with a little paddle, we'd whittled with our knife, 
We'd stir it till 'twas sugar, now you can bet your life.

Makin' maple sugar! 'twas always fun for me— 
A-sailing down life's river, I always want to be 

As lively and good-natured, and not a whit less good 
Than when makin' maple sugar away back in the wood— 

And as long as I'm a-livin' may I ever life enjoy,
As when makin' maple sugar when I was but a boy.