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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Early September Stroll at the cabin

Trail next to the cabin

Maiden hair ferns are still green 
With my knee feeling pretty good and myasthenia gravis somewhat under control, I took a stroll through the back woods at the cabin late this afternoon and took a few snapshots.  It is dry, some hints of color, but mostly green yet.  No bugs!!!
Wild fall asters

Bottle Gentians slightly faded 

Golden rod

The lake

Our Pumpkin field

Crab apple

Wild apple tree at the cabin--tart hard apples not wormy, made a good pie! 

The Cabin built from home sawn lumber in 1975
Ladders are because I have been doing some roof work this fall
The siding is rough sawn jackpine from the Sterling Barrens
cut on our own mill and never painted.