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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Rock Show at Frederic

Concrete rhubarb leaf ash trays
You never can have too many agates
Many facets to rock collecting

Beal Schmoozes

Margo and Kathy complain about their husbands

In charge of Door Prizes

Evie gets around pretty good after her back injury
just hope Dan doesn't buy too many rocks she has
to carry to the car!

About a dozen outdoor stands with agates and fossils

Some agates are priced at $700.  Bought, sold and traded
Bring in your bucket and get an offer--you will be
surprised how valuable they might be!

A valuable agate has bright colors, lots of lines, and not much
white crystal.  Cut or polish it and the value goes down most of the time

I've been serious about this for about 9 years now.  My hobby took over!