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Friday, April 20, 2012

Rambling the Old St. Croix River Road north of the Falls

The Cabin with the apple trees in full flower this afternoon.

We took a drive up the Old River Road from St Croix Falls to the cabin .  Some photos below of the  scenery.  It is a
great time to take the trip as you can still see the river.  Soon the leaves will make it disappear from the road.  I like
the St. Croix.  Grandpa lived on the River Road near Nevers Dam.  Great Grandma's family ran the Sunrise Ferry and homesteaded in West Sterling along the St. Croix.  It feels like home!

Trout Lillies

Purple flowers in the ditch

Leaf buds of silver maples (I think) are red right now

Skunk Cabbage in the springs along the River Road 

You can still see the river --but not for long as it disappears in the leaves soon

A spring trickles down to the St. Croix

At Spangler's bay, the lilac bushes are what remain of an old river homestead

Ferns are in fiddlehead stage--yummy say some!

Occasionally the Old River Road comes directly to the river

A grouse hiding in an oak tree almost is invisible

Blairs cabins were a popular fishing camp when Nevers Dam still created a huge lake upstream
A ship pattern in a Wolf Creek House