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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Friday Night Lights 2 Responses

I collected responses to the Friday game day memories from emails and Facebook and added them here. Ir is a fun conversation!

Woody: Going to Montagne's Drive Inn for a root beer and corn dog... or we'd go out to Wayne's Cafe for a 7-Up and Strawberry pie... then it was off to park somewhere in a field generally south of Sand Lake... there'd be several of us out there parking with our gals.. one time someone got stuck in the snow. Knock. Knock. on the car window, we'd stop what we were doing and push our classmate and his girl out. Dad and his two brothers owned the Ford garage in SCF. If I had a special date or wanted to impress a girl, I got to drive a brand new car... usually with less than 10 miles on it. It had quite a few more when the night was over!

Richyne: I remember going to the Chatterbox cafe for a burger fries and malt. Then dipping the fries in the malt. So good!!!

Jennifer: The Chatterbox was a stop I always envied the bus kids for going to. We lived in town and my mom insisted we eat at home, even on game days. She even encouraged us to invite friends from Cushing or Dresser to have supper with us on those days. Now make your choice, meat loaf or the best cheeseburger and fries in town! She didn't have a clue.. I could hang out downtown after school but dinner was always on the table at 5:30. My first stop after coming down the hill was stopping in at the jewelry store and beg my dad for a quarter out of the till. Then it was Tangen's and a coke. Remember Shirley Smith getting upset when we would invade the place?

Susan: Loved those Friday nights! The cheer was "Progress, Progress, Emulate on the Turf." I know these things. I was a cheerleader! Thought it was some "football" word, but it just meant "excel." Found my blue and white striped cheerleading blazer the other day -- it was made for a midget! Fond memories of Ricky fixing my hair before the games, hanging out at the school, dinner at the Chatterbox which cost the equivilent of 4 hours of babysitting. Russ, thanks for the memories!

Richyne: I can relate. I recently gave my drill team outfit to goodwill - it too was made for a size 00 or a midget. I do remember fixing your hair. You still have such nice thick hair that is fun to work with. The good old days - game days!!

Richyne: Jennifer, I am sure you realize today that you had a great mom! That just doesn't happen anymore - everyone sitting down for dinner.

Jennifer: I hope it was realized that I meant it fondly, with a little humor thrown in! Thanks for the comment. I hope more of the Saints join in!

Richyne: Oh for sure!! Yes, hope lots of Saints chime in!

Woody: After school Shirley Smith used to serve us malts from the fountain at Tangen Drug store.

Russ: Shirley grumbled at my lemon-lime-cherry-coke phosphate which I dropped an aspirin in to get a buzz..

Rodger: Those nights were not great for us teachers. We had to sell tickets or collect tickets or police the joint. The big shots, Supt's of both schools plus coaches, sat on chairs below the stage. The pep band sat on the north side of the upper deck. After the Friday night game we always met at a teacher's house or apt. for coffee, cake and ice cream-that was the Nels Sorensen, Don Dean, Bill McDougal era.

Anonymous: Hey Russ, How about those cute gals on the Drill Team. We performed at half time events too.

Russ: I sure do remember the Drill Team. I think I lusted after the girls there just as much as after the cheer leaders! So, remind me of some details; uniforms, routines, when and where they performed, who were the members, and such. Do you have any photos? I think Shirley L from Cushing was a member, and maybe some of her friends from up my way--but I don't remember and seem to have packed away my Sentinels
I just remembered Cheri Vezina and her twirling flaming batons! What a show she put on and what a skill she had. Of course, as she was an "older woman" and so talented, I am sure I never even dared say "Hi" to her at school.

Larry: What a great article Russ. Most everything you wrote could pertain to "1950-1954" mine and my wife's year's at St. Croix Falls High School as well. Our dollar would buy a hamburger, fries and a malt with 25 cents left over for the ticket to the game. We would go to Ma Longneckers Cafe in Taylors Falls. Probably was gone by 1961.

Anonymous: Did not realize the St. Croix stadium was WPA-built! I went to school in the cities during the early 80s. Different time and place, but many of your Friday afternoon memories match mine.