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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Reading the Easy Way

Just before Christmas, Margo and I were shopping at the local Menards in Rochester, MN. In the electronics area there was a stack of electronic book readers with the price sign $29 after $30 rebate. We could buy a book reader for only $29!

We bought two, one apiece. Margo sent off the rebate forms and last week we got back $60 from the rebate, so each ebook reader was only $29 plus tax plus a $7 service contract for 2 years or just under $40 each.

The Aluratek e-reader came with 100 free books. It has a color screen and takes a camera SD chip for extra books. It can show movies, photos as well as books.

Margo and I have become addicted to reading with the new book readers. Menards sold out, but it was a heck of a deal!

Almost every book ever printed that is out of copyright (before 1923) is available free for a download from I am reading all of Christopher Morley's works before 1923 now, having just finished all of David Grayson's books (Ray Stannard Baker from St Croix Falls)