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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Knee update

Friday, Dec 4th was cast removal and stitches removal day at Mayo. The stitches were long rows on either side of the lower knee from the surgery to repair the bone there. Now I have a brace to wear all the time that allows the knee to be straight to 30 degrees bend. Since the knee won't straighten out now, I am to work on getting it to do that gradually.

At 3 weeks since the break and 2 weeks since surgery, the Dr. says no weight on the leg for at least 3 months--meaning about the end of February before I can walk on it. In the meantime the bone is healing to make it strong again.

The pain is pretty much receding; I can sleep at nights again, and I can hobble around with walker or crutches. I have to practice more on the crutches--right now a very short distance tires me out.

We have our first inch of snow here near Rochester, MN. With the cold weather, it is likely to stay.